Fostering effective healthcare communications for a resilient Washington



   WATrac provides communication technology relied on for efficient and coordinated healthcare delivery throughout Washington state. It is the only system of its kind in Washington and enables users across healthcare disciplines to accurately track the availability of beds, surgical specialists, and agency status. Together, the 350 healthcare facilities using WATrac are creating a more prepared, resilient healthcare community.
   WATrac’s applications were expanded and refined over several years using input from experts on the front lines of healthcare emergency response. WATrac has been tailored to the unique needs of Washington state’s healthcare community and strives to be seamlessly integrated into each agency’s daily routine.

Key features include:
  • Tracking bed availability and surgical specialists.
  • Status reports for individual agencies and for the region.
  • Data sharing and planning through a report writer, a virtual library, and a survey builder.
  • Real-time communications using an alert manager, emergency contacts, and an online chat center.
For more details about how WATrac can benefit your agency, please contact our staff at