Fostering effective healthcare communications for a resilient Washington


WATrac is an online communication system used by Washington healthcare agencies to coordinate daily activities and to prepare for and respond to emergency events. WATrac enables effective and efficient information and resource sharing to support a more prepared and resilient healthcare system.

We encourage healthcare agencies to utilize WATrac’s unique features now so that they can get the full benefit of its various applications every day and during a disaster response.

For assistance and questions about WATrac, please contact the Regional Lead for your area.

Washington State System Administrator
Kara Welchel
WATrac & EEI Program Coordinator
Northwest Healthcare Response Network (NWHRN)
(206) 406-3062,
For Emergencies Outside Business Hours Contact:
Western WA
NWHRN Duty Officer
Call 425-988-2897

Central/Eastern WA
WA Department of Health Duty Officer
Call 360-888-0838

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